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              •      The predecessor of Hunan Gaoyuan Battery Co., Ltd. Dongguan Gaoyuan Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2005. With the development and growth of the company, in 2010, Zhuzhou Industrial Park (covering 80 mu) was in...

              Hunan Gaoyuan Battery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)

              • Telephone: 0731-22506508
                Fax: 0731-28318328
                Address: 45 liyu industrial park, tianyuan district, zhuzhou city, hunan province

              Dongguan Gaoyuan Communication Co., Ltd. (Branch)

              • Telephone: 0769-81223229
                Fax: 0769-81223208
                Address: building 5, rongtong industrial park, wulian village, fenggang town, dongguan city, guangdong province