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              The future of lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery

              Date:2018/11/26  Click:1528 times
               "Nickel-metal hydride battery is a realistic choice, lithium battery is the direction of development." Anxin securities researcher liu jun bluntly, lithium battery industrialization is still some time, and in the next three to five years in the transition period, the new energy power will be dominated by nimh batteries.
              Data shows that at present, 90% of the global vehicle-mounted battery market is dominated by ni-mh batteries, and Japan has the most core technologies. Nickel-metal hydride battery has stable performance, mature technology and industrialization, and will become the key development direction of domestic new energy in the next five years.
              "From a commercial mass production point of view, nimh batteries are currently superior to lithium batteries." But as lithium-ion battery technology matures, the market is bound to open up in the future, Mr. Liu said.
              At present, the whole market has discussed the application prospect of lithium battery in the field of new energy vehicles. However, little attention has been paid to its application prospect in traditional fields. A careful study of the application of lithium battery in the current main application fields shows that even if the development of new energy vehicles is lower than expected, the development prospect of lithium battery industry is still optimistic.
              At present, the notebook computer and mobile phone market is still lithium battery two major markets. In the future, the trend of personal PC portability and flatness will continue to drive the rapid growth of lithium battery demand. Smart phones and touch screens will also ensure a steady increase in shipments. Lithium battery in digital cameras, PSP, e-books, power tools, electric bicycles and communication backup power supply and other fields "everywhere" is worth looking forward to.
              Based on the summary and analysis of lithium battery demand, we found that in 2010, the total capacity of the global small lithium battery market was about 52.6 billion yuan. By 2015, the market capacity will reach 106.9 billion yuan, double the current level. In the next five years, the annual growth rate of the small lithium battery market will maintain about 15%. The subsequent development of small lithium battery will provide steady support for the development of lithium battery industry.

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