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               I. performance characteristics
               High quality:
              Multi-level safety protection, strict implementation of aging process at all stages, introduction of MES electronic information management system, traceability of each battery quality data, drum leakage and zero defects.
              Long life:
              Long life: graphene nanomaterials, low impedance, optimized discharge platform, durable;
              Good performance:
              Accurate data, intelligent management of charge and discharge, effectively match the upgrade of the original mobile phone system, take into account the high and low temperature performance, resist cold, no fear of extreme heat;
              Shelf life:
              The warranty period is one year;
              Second, service first
              Whole process quality tracking
              System-wide information feedback
              Comprehensive technical consultation
              Full range of on-site services
              Open the service hotline 0769-81223229 24 hours, keep in close contact with customers at any time and anywhere, and provide service support